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The Evolve Coin

  • Built for people who want to take life to the next level
  • Unlock the best version of yourself in just 5 minutes a day
  • Happiness guarantee - feel happier and healthier in 6 months or your money back

Make journaling work for you 

  • Get more done 

    Built for busy, high performance individuals who want to take life to the next level. If you have a side hustle, run a business or always feel like you don't have enough time, this is for you. 
  • Get to know yourself

    Journaling brings you into a heightened state of mindfulness; past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge in the present moment. Call a wandering mind to attention.
  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike

    A blank page can be intimidating. Carefully developed prompts guide you through the day and make it easy to stay on track. Easy to learn, simple to maintain. 


Your Journal, Your Journey

We are all the heroes of our own journey. Consider this your call to adventure. 

Onboarding Course

Complete an onboarding course designed to make creating a roadmap to the life you want not just manageable but actually enjoyable.

Produce 6 Month And 5 Year Goals

Increase your likelihood of achieving your goals. By writing down your goals you signal to your brain their importance. 

Change Your Mind-Set

Stop carrying around limiting beliefs that stop you from being the best version of yourself. Before long, your inner monologue will realise your potential is greater than you ever thought possible.

Eat The Frog

Each evening you write down the task that will benefit you the most which you want to do the least and then do it first the next morning. Follow this one strategy from the journal alone and it will transform your life. 

Morning Routine

Start your day right with a consistent morning routine. Daily entries that allow you to set your intentions and start every day, rain or shine, with something to smile about.

Create A Positive Feedback Loop

The great thing about improving any of these areas in your life is that it creates a positive feedback loop which makes it easier to progress with the others.

You Are The Sum Of Your Habits

Habits in the present are what allow us to achieve our goals in the future. The habits you form, grow, and develop throughout this journal will help you improve at anything you set your mind to.  

"It's okay to be discouraged. It's not OK to quit." - Ryan Holliday 

The journal provides you with a framework to organise your habits and recognise which ones are helping you achieve your goals and identify which are holding you back.

Gratitude Attitude
Studies show that practising daily gratitude can rewire our brains to leave us happier, less stressed and more content. 
After testing hundreds of different combinations, we created a system where you can practise gratitude in both the morning and the evening with minimal friction in just 5 minutes a day. 
"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

Free with your journal

Tree Planted In Your Name

We are dedicated to offsetting any carbon we produce as a business and are planting a tree for every journal we sell. Receive regular updates on how much carbon Evolve users have offset over time.

Downloadable Onboarding Course

The onboarding course which is printed at the beginning of the journal will be sent to you digitally so you can get a head start before the book arrives. 

Downloadable Reading List

We read a lot of books during the process of creating the Evolve Journal. Receive a download of recommendations written by us about the books that impacted us the most. 


You asked, we answered

How long does each journal last?
Each journal has 6 months' worth of content. The pages aren't date stamped so don't worry if you miss a day here and there.
How do I use the Evolve Journal?  
The Evolve Journal is a physical journal that you write in every day. We take the friction out of journaling by providing a proven framework. There are daily, weekly, and monthly entries that help track goals, habits and to-do lists while practicing daily gratitude. All you need is a pen or pencil, and you are good to go! 
Also, there's a handy note holder at the back. We tend to use this for photos so each journal can serve as a time capsule.
When do I write in the journal?
Really this is completely up to you. For the best results though we recommend morning and evening entries each day. You can then check up on your progress and tick bits off as you go.
What makes the Evolve Journal different?
Other journals you will see on the market are either gratitude journals, productivity planners, or habit trackers. The Evolve Journal is all of the above and so much more. It is a tool to help you identify where you want to be life and guide you on the process of how to get there.
How will I get my free bonus content?
We appreciate you may be eager to get started so while you wait for your shipment to arrive, we'll send you some content to whet your appetite. You will receive an email after every purchase with a PDF of our Reading List and a Digital version of our Onboarding programme. You will receive a separate email confirming your planted tree. Any problems at all email us at hello@evolvejourney.co.uk.
What if I don't like my journal?
We're so confident in our journal we have a 6 months money-back guarantee. If you find after using the journal for 6 months you don't feel happier or healthier then we will gladly refund you the total cost of your order, no questions asked.
What are the benefits of a regular journaling practise?
Regular journaling is proven to boost your mood, reduce stress and enhance your sense of wellbeing. There are tons of other benefits too, give it a go and see for yourself. If you want more info on the benefits and some guidance on how to start a journaling habit check out our blog.  

Great Value Life Hacker

The Average Human on Earth Lives 26,499 Days. Make Them All Count.

  • Design your life and achieve your goals

  • Build your self-belief

  • Create a time capsule that you can enjoy years from now


Our Story

Sam and Freddie here, co-founders of the Evolve Journey. 

We’re brothers and best mates from Devon, UK.

Not wanting to buy a separate gratitude journal, productivity planner and habit tracker we created our own and after a year of testing the Evolve Journal was born. 

Our journal has had a positive impact on the three of the pillars of happiness for thousands of people; health, freedom (financial or otherwise) and relationships.

Our ethos is to discover the best versions of ourselves and empower others to do the same.


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