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We created the Evolve Journal because it was something we needed.

Speaking from experience; you can spend as much time as you like researching ways to improve your life but there is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

 Sometimes you need a guide.  

Initially, we just wanted a tool that would make the practice of journaling less intimidating. 

We used prompts designed to make it easier to transcribe thoughts to words and the habit quickly flourished. 

 Wanting to expand on what was working so well we tested a variety of different gratitude journals and productivity planners. They were great and really useful but something was missing. 

Ultimately we wanted something that would help us practise gratitude, boost productivity, track habits and keep a record of our lives. . .all in one. 

 Thus began our mission to develop a system that would both motivate us and to hold us accountable to ourselves. 

After a year of testing, consulting and researching we finally had something that we knew was a game changer. 

The changes we saw in our own lives were proof enough that we were ready to release the first edition of the journal.

Each year we will bring out a new editition of the book updated with the latest scientific research and feedback from our users.

 You can hire a personal trainer, a life coach or a guru but we recommend giving the Evolve Journal a try. 

You might be surprised at what happens.

Our Story

Sam and Freddie here… Co-founders of the Evolve Journey. We’re brothers and best mates from Devon in the UK.

Since we first started developing the journal our lives have both changed dramatically; Freddie has been instrumental in growing a start-up business and been promoted several times. Sam has left the corporate rat race and launched a successful marketing agency.

With this project, we aim to plant thousands of trees, pay off our parent's mortgage and create a foundation that helps people gain access to education all around the world.