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About us

We created Evolve Journey to help you pursue your best self.

We make products we use ourselves to share our guide to the good life.

We found journaling in 2020. We were obsessed with self-improvement. Yet, despite all the books, courses and podcasts we consumed, we struggled.

There was a massive gap between knowing the path and walking the path. Struggling to take consistent action and chasing the latest shiny thing left us far from where we wanted to be.

 We realised we needed something to guide us on our journey of self-improvement. Something with more structure. There was one thing that kept on coming up in our research. Journaling.

Reflection + Action = Progress

Initially, we just wanted a tool that would make journaling less intimidating. So we created our own prompts to make it easier to reflect and be consistent with our new habit. Wanting to expand on this practice, we tested many different journals and planners. They were helpful, but something needed to be added.

Ultimately, we needed a journal that would help us to practise gratitude, boost productivity, track habits. . . all in one. So we began our mission to develop a system that would make us persistent and consistent in our actions. After a year of testing, consulting and researching, we finally had a proven game changer. 

This process created a spark. Our purpose is simple: to help you live your best life. Everyone deserves the chance to grow and evolve, and we’re committed to providing the tools and resources to help make it happen. Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier, giving people the mindset and tools to fulfil their potential.  

Our Story

Sam and Freddie here… Co-founders of the Evolve Journey. We’re brothers and best mates from Devon in the UK. 

Since we started the Evolve Journey, our lives have changed dramatically. 

Freddie has been instrumental in growing a start-up business. Sam has launched a successful marketing agency allowing him to pursue his digital nomad dreams. 

Between us, we have increased our earnings threefold, learnt a language and lived in 7 different countries since beginning our journey of evolution.

In our Evolving community, we have seen fantastic progress. The practice has helped people gain promotions, author books, become publicised scientists and get through tough times. Get in touch if we can help with anything at all.