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How to calm down your mind. Using Tranquillity to Find Calm in the Chaos

How to be more tranquil

The average person checks their phone around 100 times per day. That’s roughly every ten minutes during their working day. Imagine for a moment you were to be interrupted by something else every ten minutes during your working day. Whether it be a vice or a person, it would be very disrupting.

Your notifications are no different. We live in a world where the societal norm is to always look to the shiny new thing, in search of that quick hit. Generally, so stuck with the hedonic treadmill on sprint mode that people accept the lack of focus as a necessary evil, a forgivable consequence of our need to know what is happening at all times, do we have any replies, likes or some other bollocks to make us feel wanted. To take us out of the here and now and into the future we desire.

All of that chaos can be harmful. Having strategies to cope with the chaos can help us thrive in it.

One thing that everyone could benefit from is tranquillity. This calmness within us is the ability to find peace within ourselves, regardless of external circumstances. How very Stoic!

I can guarantee that you will never be able to rid yourself of chaos, nonsense you didn’t want to happen, and things you couldn’t predict completely outside your control. Tranquillity isn’t aiming to avoid or minimise this chaos by eloping to a yogi retreat in the Himalayas it’s about maintaining balance and calmness despite external factors no matter their intensity.

Your ability to remain calm and not be impacted by external challenges is key to mental and emotional well-being. With it comes a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety.

Here are some actionable things you can do to build your tranquillity:

  1. Being present in the moment and observing our thoughts and emotions without judgment helps create inner stillness. You will realise that your initial reaction often comes from an animal instinct and isn’t necessarily the most rational response, which is in line with your values and intentions. Taking a quick breather, a brief pause can make a world of difference in how you show up in your relationships and challenges in your work.
  2. Physical and mental clutter can disrupt our sense of tranquillity. Simplify your surroundings, do not disturb mode your phone, declutter your mind through prioritisation, and let go of unnecessary commitments and responsibilities. Saying no is okay. If you stretch a rubber band too far, it becomes no good for anyone. Protect your energy, and create space for activities and relationships that bring you peace.
  3. Engaging in activities that bring you joy is an excellent way to cultivate tranquillity. Any hobby will do. Spending time in nature, reading, or pursuing a creative outlet will all give you quick wins. Just try to create an environment where you’re free from unwanted distractions if you can.
  4. Make a habit of self-care. Develop a daily routine that includes adequate rest, nutritious meals, regular exercise, journaling and activities that promote relaxation.
  5. Build your support network. Seek support from loved ones, friends, or professionals when needed. Talking about your feelings and experiences will lighten your load. Your vulnerability will bring you closer to your loved ones.

Tranquillity isn’t something you will get right all of the time. It’s a process and something you will always be able to improve. Don’t expect to implement the above, and then never be overwhelmed by the never-ending shit life will throw at you. Life’s hard, and we are all making it up as we go along. Maybe your phones will trick you into thinking some people have it figured out. Get to know them, and you’ll realise few are rich in all-important tranquillity. With practice you’ll handle life much better than if you hadn’t started working on yourself. See it as a personal journey and let it guide you to a more fulfilling life.

Don’t forget that life is a journey, not a problem to be solved.

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