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Advice for Future You


In the latest Evolve Journal we decided to add an 'Advice For Future You' prompt on the daily pages. The purpose behind this was to encourage ourselves to take the time to really reflect on our day and record tips we could refer back to to propel us on our journey of self-awareness.

I won't pretend that I fill out this prompt every day, and that's alright. There's no point forcing something that isn't there. But I am conscious of not missing it two days in a row because, once I fall out of the habit, it's harder to pick up again. 

So, let's delve into the inner workings of my mind...


1. Take a break when you're too tired to concentrate and come back stronger. Don't spend an hour on something that could take 10 minutes. 

^ I also really like sardines! 

2. Thank yesterday, Love today, Create tomorrow. 

3. Keep the process going. Positive mental attitude.

4. Don't spread yourself too thin. Focus on something and do it all in. 4 focuses is too many. 


Reflecting upon what I've been writing - the advice is just as relevant at the time of writing as it will be in the future. 

You get the benefit from writing it in the moment and again a second time when you read it back. (It's also nice to see the weirder stuff that makes it in there like my apparent affinity for sardines).

Taking advice from other people can be difficult. Taking your own can be even harder. If we're able to do it though it can be incredibly rewarding. 

To understand the power of this exercise - try this. The next time you catch yourself engaged in any sort of negative self talk, ask yourself - would I speak to a friend like that? 

Your 'Advice to future you' journal prompt is a simple way to practice speaking to yourself like you would a friend.

Email us at hello@evolvejourney.co.uk with any advice you would like to share. 

Stay friendly x 


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