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Evolve Journal™ - Momento Coin - Evolve Pen Bundle

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Unlock Your Potential: The All-in-One Habit Tracker & Productivity Planner

Cultivate gratitude, crush your goals and achieve more with our science-backed system.

Available in: Black, Cream and Teal.

Stay in the moment with our Stoic Momento Coin

✓ Double-sided, two unique stoic design
 ✓ Solid Iron Coin
 ✓ Pocket-sized, 4cm Diameter
 ✓ Quality 26 grams

Turn thoughts to words with The Evolve Pen

✓ Eye Catching Golden Colour
✓ Ergonomic Design
✓ Refillable ballpoint

This bundle contains our signature downloadable Discovery Course and Reading List delivered immediately on purchase.

What's included?

How does it compare to other journals?

What’s the scientific evidence?

When can I expect to see results?

Who is this for?

How it works

Step 1: Complete the Discovery Course

The Evolve Journal begins with guided exercises to help you take your dreams and put them on paper. Taking the time to write your 6 month and 5 year goal can be powerful, it gives something that only existed in your head a physical presence for you to work towards.

Step 2: Learn How to Use Your Journal

We believe it’s important you understand the science and Stoic principles behind each daily prompt on the daily pages. This is why we have included not only the theory behind the prompts but an explanation of how to apply each one to your personal goals.

Step 3: Start Daily Journaling

The Evolve Journal has 6 months' worth of undated pages, purposefully designed so that upon completion, you will have achieved your 6 month goal, taking you one step closer to reaching the 5 year goal you identified in the Discovery Course.

Join Thousands of Others on Their Evolve Journey

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t see results in 180 days, we’ll refund you

We believe so much in the process, and based on the feedback from thousands of users, we are confident enough that if you follow the journal for 6 months and you haven’t seen a positive change in your life, then we offer a full refund.

Mememto Mori - Remember you must die

Accepting your own mortality forces you to recognise that life is precious.

Use this fact of life to inspire you to make the most of the time you have.

Connect to your own mortality and you will experience gratitude every day.  

“Let each thing you would do, say or intend be like that of a dying person.” — Marcus Aurelius

Mememto Vivere - Remember you must live

Coming to terms with your own mortality can be scary at first but taking action is the antidote to fear. 

Physical mementos of your philosophies are the most effective way to integrate it them into daily life.

Keep this coin with you. 

Keep it secret, keep it safe. 

"We are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it… Life is long if you know how to use it.” - Seneca  

Our Philosophy


To understand where you're going you have to understand where you've been. Wind is only favourable if you know where you're sailing


Every day we work towards a goal, keep track of our habits and eat the frog. The most important step you can take is the next one.


To reach the destination you have to enjoy the journey. People always underestimate what they can achieve in half a year.

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